SCRIPTO Summer School Nürnberg

Medieval Book Illumination. History, Iconography, Technical & Stilistic Aspects. An Introduction

Nuremberg, expected spring 2019

The SCRIPTO Summer School Nürnberg (SSSN) offers an introduction to Medieval Book Illumination. This module will be discussing questions of history, contents, function and technology of the medieval illuminated book as well as art historical research methods. Extensive study and examination of manuscripts held by the collection of the City Library in Nuremberg (Stadtbibliothek Nürnberg) will provide a guideline for scientific research.

This course is open to graduated medievalists of all academic disciplines and usually takes place bi-annually. It is jointly organized by the Chair for Medieval and Renaissance Latin (Prof. Dr. Michele C. Ferrari) within the SCRIPTO Graduate Program, and by the City Library in Nuremberg. The languagees of instruction are German and English, the number of participants is strictly limited. Lecturers are Dr. Christine Jakobi-Mirwald and Dr. Christine Sauer.

Participants will be awarded a certificate from the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg detailing a workload equivalent to a maximum of 8 ECTS.

Those applicants accepted for the course will presumably be charged €350 (Please note that accommodation is not included). Please submit your applications before February 1st, 2019 (expected date).

Admission form can be downloaded here.
Please send your admission form and full CV by post to:

Prof. Dr. Michele C. Ferrari
Mittellatein und Neulatein
Kochstr. 4/3
91054 Erlangen

or by e-mail to Dr. Stefan Weber.

For more details refer to the Chair for Medieval and Renaissance Latin at FAU (Dr. Stefan Weber).

Nürnberg City Library: